Hair Care

Hair Care Tips


Pre - Installation

Once you receive your Queen Impression Extensions always wash your hair extensions with care before installation. To not only keep proper nutrients in your hair extensions that has been extinct from the original Indian women donors, but to also wash away the loose hairs that the weft did not catch, this can cause you to think the hair is shedding, and may result into tangling if this is not done properly, this step may need to be repeated.


Washing Maintenance

Washing your Queen Impression Extensions is imperative, once the hair is cut it loses the daily nutrients from the original donors scalp, and needs the proper nutrients consistently invested. Moisturizing is key when washing your Extensions; Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo & Conditioner is the only recommendation. 


Co-washing: This is a pre - wash that only consist of using Conditioner, which is great when you have very little time, but please keep in mind Shampoo was designed to clean as Conditioner was deigned to condition. Continuous co-washing can result into conditioning over dirty hair, causing product buildup which can result to other unwanted encounters.


Directions: Bi-Weekly washes is recommended. When preparing to wash your extensions always use Mild Temperature water, water that is to hot will cause frizz. After drenching your hair in Mild Temperature Water apply Shampoo,  do not massage always comb through starting from the top proceeding your way to the tips with one of the following; Denman Brush, or Wide Tooth Comb. Allow shampoo to seep into hair extensions for 30 minutes before rinsing. After rising Shampoo off thoroughly drench your extensions with conditioner, allow conditioner to absorb into extensions for 1 - 24hrs  before rinsing. After rinsing Conditioner off thoroughly allow hair to air dry ONLY without touching, to prevent frizz. 


Daily Maintenance

Queen Impression Extensions doesn't consist of to much maintenance being that this hair loves to remain clean with very little to no products. When using products in this hair be advised that they are alcohol free. A dime size amount of our organically designed Queen Impression Serumis  recommended. Style hair as needed with a Denman Brush, or Wide Tooth Comb.


Bedtime Maintenance

If you are wearing your hair extensions in its natural state, comb hair throughly with a Denman brush or wide tooth comb. Then braid hair into a large loose braid.  If  your hair has been styled with heat wrap your hair in a circular motion. & weather you are wearing your extensions in its natural state or not always wrap your hair using a Silk Scarf, this will lock in moisture.