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Frequently Asked Questions


• Does Queen Impression Offer Wholesale

No, to remain exclusive Queen Impression is the only place to receive your Raw Indian Hair Extensions.


• The Website Says 14 - 16" Does That Mean I Will Receive 2 Bundles Of Hair? • 

All prices are per-bundle you will NOT receive 2 bundles of our hair. 14 - 16" is to inform that the hair will be 14" In It's natural state, and 16" once the hair Is straightened.  


• What Is Raw Hair Vs. Processed Hair? •

Raw Hair is 100% pure the highest luxury of hair that is non-chemically treated. Each bundle has a distinct pattern because it is hand cut from one donor, providing healthy natural textures, looks and color shades. All cuticles are naturally aligned, preventing tangles, and full from top to bottom. Processed Hair is low quality hair that has a brief existence, and is collected from Combs and Brushes, and mixed with synthetic and animal hair that Is chemically treated, and mimicked to requested uniform textures, leaving the hair to conclude within a few months.

• Will I Experience Shedding? •

Queen Impression Hair Extensions will have normal hair fallout’s; all hair sheds just as your own. To prevent excessive shedding, take gentle care of your hair. When having your Queen Impression Hair Extensions installed, please try to refrain from cutting and sewing through the wefts, unless necessary. If you are having continuous shedding seal your wefts with Fray Check, an inexpensive sealant that can be found at your local fabric store.

• How Long Will My Queen Impression Extensions Last? •

Assisting your Queen Impression Hair Extensions with proper care will unfold a longevity of 2+ years. %100 Raw Virgin Hair has the longest life span, saving you from purchasing hair that concludes within a few months.


• How Many Bundles Will I need?  (Recommend) •

  •   14/16"  - 18/ 20" - 2 - 3 Bundles

  •   22/24" - 26/28" - 3 - 4 Bundles


• Can I Use Hair Heating Tools On My Queen Impression Extensions? 

Yes, you can apply hair heating tools for desired hair styles. Curlers, Wands, Flat Irons, and Blow Dryers are okay to use.


 Can I straighten my Queen Impression Extensions? 

Absolutely! This is real Raw Hair, all of our hair from our Queen Impression Collection will straighten the same. After washing your Queen Impression Hair Extensions they will revert back to its natural texture as they air dry.


• Can I Dye My Queen Impression Extensions? •

Yes, you can color your Queen Impression Extensions. Excessive Coloring, and Bleaching without proper conditioning can cause damage. If this is your first time adding color to Raw Hair, we recommend having them professionally dyed too attain and enjoy desired results by consulting with a Licensed Hair Stylist.

• What Is the Shipping Policy? •

To prevent fraudulent activities we do not ship to P.O Boxes. Your Shipping Name & Address must be the same as your Billing Name & Address or your order will be declined. Allow  7-10 business days to receive your tracking information. Shipping is processed through USPS.ComOnce your items have been delivered to the specified delivery address and signed for, they are no longer covered by Queen Impression LLC.  Queen Impression LLC can not be held responsible for USPS shipping delays. We are legally protected; Credit Card Fraud and Theft of our merchandise will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


• What Is the Queen Impression Refund, and Exchange Policy? •

Due to the nature of our product, all sales are final. Hair extensions are hygiene sensitive as a result NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES will be permitted under any circumstance. Please take this into consideration before purchasing.